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Save your Sanity
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Network Security & Cloud Services

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What does Great IT Support Cost?

Every business is unique and has it's own set of needs and requirements. That is why we custom tailor our services for each client.

Pricing could start as low as a few hundred dollars. Call us today and get a custom quote!

Tier 2 Support

Do you have a guru already on your team that can handle the day to IT support, but need someone to handle the heavy lifting? This package is for you!




From 5 employees to 500 employees, we can build a package to suite your business needs.

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Everything IT

From Help Desk to Server and Networking, we are your IT Team! Help with anything IT is just a support ticket away...all for 1 flat price per month.


Call Hexi-Tech Today for more info 1-877-315-HEXI


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Recommended Products

When it comes to purchasing equipment, there are a multitude of options. Sometimes we just can't compete on price alone.

Who can compete with a data cable shipped to your door for $5...Amazon can!

Just because we can't sell it to you, doesn't mean we wont show you where to find it yourself, for cheap!

The link below will bring you to our top recommendations from various resellers so you can get the products you need for the lowest prices we can find...even if it isn't from us!

If you have any questions or need help finding a specific piece of equipment, email us at info@hexi-tech.com.

These links are affiliate links, meaning Hexi-Tech may receive a kickback on any of the items you purchase.